Before you sit back to watch the 'game,' consider these words...

The Abomination that Maketh Desolate - June Griffin from the Great State of Tennessee

Throughout my tenure as a steward of the Lord and His Covenant, as all
Americans are to be, (see Deut. 28), it has been my lot to recall all the
preaching of good and faithful Protestant prophets and preachers who
warned of the things to come upon my generation.

Among these warnings were those pertaining to television. Two such great
men, American preachers,  come to mind: William Tidwell and Lester
Roloff, both persuaded by the truths of holiness and the gospel of purity
of the Scriptures, that God was the Lord, the Bible His Word, and this
nation the Anointed One to preach the gospel to the lost, the former a
Baptist, the second a Nazarene..

And they both warned about television as a terminal cancer to all that
was good and just in the United States. Their word has come to pass. One
of the glories of our nation was the Sunday night worship services where
many were turned to the Lord at the altars. Sunday morning was more
formal, though in the Nazarene churches, formality was frowned upon. You
never knew when one in the audience would be moved upon by the Spirit of
God to stand up and tell what wonderful things had come in answer to
prayer. The song services often were threaded with tears of rejoicing and
led many to glory or repentance.

But Sunday night, the hardened sinner stayed at home. He knew the glory
of God would be there to convince of sin, righteousness and judgment to

However, the warnings were there about television and telling all to get
rid of the monstrous thing and to avoid it altogether. Few listened. Most
took the deadly hemlock and became spiritual dead men, a nation of
spectators, victims of the professional actors who fed them with chaff.

Now, the Sunday night services are gone. And we have "super bowl Sunday,"
the climax of abandonment of Godly worship. When the thing first started,
the preachers held onto their holy custom of evening services, but others
tried a new innovation, bringing this abomination into their churches so
the red-eyed compromisers could watch it IN THE CHURCH. Others let
service out early to accommodate THE GAME.

You, dear American, have been transformed into a spectator. Where once
the American was accustomed to performing great feats for righteousness
and patriotism, now all you can do is sit in front of a bunch of
syndicated, international traitors who give up their souls for cankered
money and temporary glory. The performers themselves, the stars of
sports, are not allowed to play with all their might, for the gambling
interests could not afford to turn them loose - the thing might get out
of hand. Those who believe professional sports are not "fixed" are the
most deluded of all. The syndicated press makes sure that you continue in
your delusion, for how ridiculed you would be on Monday morning if you
didn't know all the names and plays of the vanities you watched the night

So, the Lord of Hosts, the Master of Armies, our God and King, is very
displeased and grieved with your vanities. The apostle Paul, being in the
same condition in Rome and Greece, as we find ourselves, stated that
"they think it strange that you run not to the same excess of riot."
Their games and sports brought these nations to ruin and destruction.
Grecian women committed suicide commonly because the men in the
gymnasiums (Greek word for 'naked') had abandoned them, only marrying to
gain male posterity, and their little boys were dedicated to the sports
temples at an early age..

Why do you not hate those that have destroyed our beloved country? Do you
not know that those who feed you with such vanity care not for our
heritage, our veterans, our Godly foundations?  Why don't your preachers
cry out against these awful licentious merchants and marketeers who use
you up and render you as chattel for their service?

Yes, television - the iconoscope - has made the house of God desolate. It
has brought divorce, sorrow, lost children, internationalism, doubting
God and His Promises, and abandonment of Him and His  Country, the United

I admonish you, American, in the Name of the God of our Fathers, to haul
this abomination which has destroyed the men, particularly, and made the
women lose hope for the future - I say, haul this piece of trash out the
back door, shoot it full of holes for all that has been done to our
country and raise up the worship services, after you have begged the Lord
to forgive you of all your intemperance and bondage to traitors.

Deut. 28 is our American contract with Almighty God. The Ten Commandments
are our covenant, executed early and exhibited by His blessing of
revivals throughout our history when all seemed dark.  All sins must be
paid for with the blood of the Lamb of God, Who is now risen from the
dead and sitteth on the right hand of God, pleading your case. It is my
sincere hope that those who have left the Lord will suffer the penalties
written in that holy chapter of Deut. 28 until they see that God is not

Lord, save the United States and turn the people back to Thyself.  "I
would that men everywhere would pray, lifting up holy hands," 'hating
even the garment spotted by the flesh.'

I am happy to report that we gave up our TV and like stupidities and
entertainments in 1970. I have never regretted it. And neither has my
husband.  All hail the power of Jesus' Name.

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