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Bonus Videos [VHS Format]

Mr. Long was prosecuted by IRS for "willful failure to file" 1040s (IRC 7203). However, a Tennessee jury found him NOT GUILTY - a landmark case.
This video is especially inspirational for the spouses of those being targeted and terrorized by the IRS.

42 Minutes - VHS Recorded July 1995


Former Federal Internal Revenue Officer Tells All
Personal revelations and discoveries regarding
the truth behind the income tax
Professionally Produced Video Interview with John Turner
by Digital Library Resources 1 hr. 42 minutes - Produced June 2002

Who is John Turner?

John Turner, a former IRS Revenue Officer who defected from the 'service' in 1997 is interviewed at length, and asked many pertinent questions regarding his personal journey to discovering the truth behind the income tax.

- Learn what transpired and prompted John to leave Internal Revenue as a successful revenue officer.
- Learn what John learned about the Internal Revenue Code, the agency, and his personal involvement .
- Learn about John's revelations about the IRS' actual authority to demand, assess, and collect taxes.
- Learn what John is doing now, and does he have a motive by doing his interview?