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The following educational materials represent the best resources we have found or developed to learn the Constitution. Students, educators, and legal professionals have all used these resources successfully for many years.


Elementary Catechism on the Constitution  (Stansbury/Huff, 1828/1993) (Softcover, 102 pages)

This was the standard Q&A textbook to teach the Constitution by 1839. Credited by Alexis D’Toqueville with causing a revolution of education among ordinary citizens regarding the American system of Constitutional Republican government. Revised edition includes original text plus much information not available to the author in his day, such as excerpts from James Madison’s Notes from the Constitutional Convention.

The Bill of Rights Exposed new_anim.gif (724 bytes) (Huff, 1998) (Softcover, 93 pages)

Presents a window into the political mindset between the times of the ratifications of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It offers a unique "interlinear" format breaking down each of the 10 Amendments, followed by the ratifying documents presented by the States concerning that Amendment. This is the context necessary to truly understand the Bill of Rights.

Home-Based Education: The Informed Choice with Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

Are you thinking of HomeSchooling as an option for your family? Perhaps you know of a family that is considering HomeSchooling but is reluctant to begin for one reason or another. Perhaps they have relatives who are telling them that they are not qualified to teach their children; or that the children will not be "socialized" properly; or that the parents will not be able to provide the resources available in government-funded/controlled schools.

Dr. Brian D. Ray can help you to have access to the definitive research on all these topics and more. He can also provide  you with sound statistical bases for many of the adverse aspects of government-controlled State education. Until now you may have only had certain suspicions of "feelings" about the dangers and pitfalls of the public schools. Now Dr. Ray can help empower you with the facts and teach you to help other parents, grandparents - anyone concerned for the welfare of the "whole" child - to see Home-Based Education as the Informed Choice it truly is.

Video VHS Format - approximately 106 minutes

Noah Webster's Original 1828 Dictionary of the American English Language 1828 (hardcover, facsimile, approx. 2,000 pages)

Nearly 2,000 pages with 70,000 entries, typeset and printed at Noah Webster’s own hand. Learn the definitions of words from their original meanings and native tongues, taking advantage of Webster’s mastery of 10 languages. Helps you better understand words in use today, and open your mind to the thoughts and writings of the great men and women of our nation’s founding.

American Freedom Library (PC CD-ROM)

$15,000 worth of historical and political research documents for under $100! Includes 160,000+ pages converted to electronic format! Click above for a listing of the contents of just one of the 11 Libraries included, entitled "Constitutional Reference Collection."

Citizen's Rule Book / Jury Handbook

A must read for every potential juror. Explains the rights of Juries to judge the law as well as the facts of a case. Includes indexed copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The juror is the highest authority in the country, even higher than the President, on the matters s/he is called to judge. Learn how juries have been deliberately tampered with for political reasons, and how to assert your rights and protect your fellow citizens when called upon.

The American Ideal of 1776: 12 Basic American Principles

This entire book has been converted to electronic format and is available to you free of charge! That's right... simply click on the link above. Written by Hamilton Abert Long, an attorney and scholar, this book is the best single resource we have found to explain the philosophy and principles of our Constitutional Republic.

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