Social Security Compendium


Legislative History
- Social Security Act Legislative History
- FDR's "1935 Administration Economic Security Bill"
- 1935 House Hearings on the President's Economic Security Bill
- 1935 Senate Hearings on the President's Economic Security Bill
- 1935 Congressional Debates on Social Security
- 49 Stat 620
- The Social Security Act (searchable)
- Analysis of the Social Security System - 83rd Congress 1953
- Comments of Arthur J. Altmeyer in 1941 - Chairman of Social Security Board
- Privacy Act
- Overview
- Legislative History
- 5 USC 552a
- Legislation that affects the Social Security Act
- Social Security Number Chronology

Legal Resources
- Code of Federal Regulations
- Comment Upon Voluntary Nature of Social Security - Larry Becraft Atty.
- Constitution of the United States Annotated
- Court Cases
- Federalist Papers
- FOIA & Privacy Act Publications
- Our American Government
- How Our Laws are Made
- Internal Revenue Service Restructuring & Reform Act of 1998
- Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2
- The Origin and Uses of the Federal Social Security Account Number
- Social Security Agreements
- United States Code (1999) - 5

Social Security Administration Resources
- Forms, Pamphlets, & Books
- History

Plus Paradigm Shift Articles
- Everyone with a Social Security Number is a Government Employee
- Only Aliens are required to get a Social Security Number
- 42 USC Sec. 405 (c)(2)(B)(i) - Application Requirement
- Law of Nations
- Identifying Numbers
- Charles H. Mullen Letter (Assistant Commissioner of the Social Security Administration explains that the Social Security Act does not require a person to have a Social Security Number).
- Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme
- Social Security is not a Contract
- Members of the Communist Party pay no Social Security Taxes
- There is no requirement to use a SS Number even IF you have one! (The 1935 Congressional Debates on Social Security)
- You can stop the withholding of Social Security Taxes

Plus much more...