A word of warning/wisdom about modern day legal/political activism...

The following is a translation from the wise writings of the renowned Chinese General, Sun Tzu. His military strategies have been translated into english and titled "The Art of War." They have been applied to business and personal relationships just as easily as military battle.

"The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy. ...

The general who is skilled in defense hides in the most secret recesses of the earth; he who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost heights of heaven."

There are many practices and policies within our government that need to be brought back to the limitations of law, and if the People wish to broaden federal powers, they may follow the appropriate Amendment process; at LEXREX we have emphasized the true and complete education of the general public on their Constitutional birthright as being the foremost element of information necessary to starting the correction process. We need the existing activists and concerned citizens in all political/social groups to be informed on these matters - willing to spend time working with others and preparing peaceful and effective strategies.

NOTICE: If you are a concerned American and have recently started learning about the law and your rights, and feel you have a legal claim against some government employee/agency, and intend to bring your case to court, please do not enter court on your own with little or no experience and background in law and court procedure, or with only the assistance of the average "paralegal." Further, do not expect that court actions are simply the matter of "showing the court the law" or your related research, especially when the U.S. Government is the defendant.

Further, if you do win, or someone has told you that they were successful in a similar case, and the US government was the defendant to the lawsuit, do not expect that the courts will allow cases of this type to prevail in the future. This type of activity, without the knowledge and support of a large group of people AND massive publicity, and without the thorough legal research that very likely only a team of legal professionals could prepare/review, will in nearly all cases lead to injury to yourself, whether it be fines from the court in addition to the claims by the government, jail time for yourself, alienation from and harrasment to your family, and/or loss of your property - including the property and means to support your family. Rather than becoming a "martyr for the cause," many individuals become another statistic to be labeled "anti-American," "right-wing" "extremist" "anti-government" "kook," etc. This will often only mean a loss of respect in your community that hinders your future educational efforts. This may have been the way many people have pursued defending their rights in the past, but it is not the way toward a solution today, whether for you or for our country!

We would never tell anyone that they should not be willing to suffer for liberty. However, we would never call someone a true patriot merely because they fall as victims, suffering mostly because of their own ignorance and unwillingness to prepare for the real battle (which, to the disappointment of some, may not be primarily physical in nature).

The appeal efforts and cases argued in the past that have lost have not been totally without value. Often they have been more helpful for idenfitying arguments that were unsound and/or that will not be heard. At other times they have exposed entrenched systems and power bases that were well prepared and will not be moved but by far more organized and intelligent efforts.

The intelligent strategist learns from other people's mistakes. He takes no pleasure in suffering for suffering's sake.

Being "sincerely" wrong is of little worth. Being the thousandth person to make the same strategical error is beyond the definition of stupidity. This is the quality of a person who cannot find any wisdom in these warnings.

While we are not prepared to immediately address all the legal arguments that are out there, you may present those that you feel relate specifically to a clause in the Constitution, and we will address it on LEXREX for the general education of all visitors to the site. We also recommend you become thoroughly familiar with the content offered to you here on LEXREX, to be more able to judge for yourself whether you have a cause of action in your personal case, and whether you have all the elements necessary to be victorious.

General Disclaimer: The webmaster, the web space provider, and anyone connected with this site do not and cannot by law render legal advice. This means we were not privileged enough to have sat through discussions of "legal theory" with little actual study of the Constitution, and been ordained into the exclusive clubs called the Bar Associations (commonly called lawyers). This means that we have better things to do with our valuable time than defend lawsuits brought by said Bar Associations, who in many cases would rather spend their time suing us than pursuing justice.

We will present the law to you in the light of the Constitution, but we will not advise you on the appropriate action you should follow with respect to the law. But to look at it from another view, we wouldn't want you to take our advice anyway - as always we recommend you read and study the law for yourself before considering anyone's opinion! LEXREX! (See discussion of Liberty-Responsibility from The American Ideal)

"Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don't know what your rights are, or who the person is you're talking to. Then on the way out, slam the door." - Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey