Second Treatise on Government, John Locke, 1690

Chapter 1. Of Political Power

Chapter 2. Of the State of Nature

Chapter 3. Of the State of War

Chapter 4. Of Slavery

Chapter 5. Of Property

Chapter 6. Of Paternal Power

Chapter 7. Of Political or Civil Society

Chapter 8. Of the Beginning of Political Societies

Chapter 9. Of the Ends of Political Society and Government

Chapter 10. Of the Forms of a Commonwealth

Chapter 11. Of the Extent of the Legislative Power

Chapter 12. The Legislative, Executive, and Federative Power of the Commonwealth

Chapter 13. Of the Subordination of the Powers of the Commonwealth

Chapter 14. Of Prerogative

Chapter 15. Of Paternal, Political and Despotical Power, Considered Together

Chapter 16. Of Conquest

Chapter 17. Of Usurpation

Chapter 18. Of Tyranny

Chapter 19. Of the Dissolution of Government