Documents in Support of Liberty


new_anim.gif (724 bytes) Sermons in Support of Liberty - Many religious leaders in the 1700's knew nothing of a "separation of church and state" but in fact taught from the Bible that citizens have a duty to God that supercedes the inclination to follow an unlawful and tyrannical government. We include them here because of their logical and theological contributions to our Constitutional Repulic.

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience, 1849 - Essay by American writer Henry David Thoreau in support of limited government (we emphasize that it's NOT about complete dissolution and anarchy) with common-sense reasoning.  Mr. Thoreau lacked an informed and enlightened knowledge of our Constitutional Republic, which when followed lawfully will create the ideal system described in his conclusion.  He does however point out that any government has limited practical purposes and actual productivity compared to that of the people.  For these reasons we determined this writing is more appropriately located in the Informed Section.

The Law, 1850 - (New fully indexed version.) Treatise on the general purposes and effects of law by French patriot and scholar, Frederick Bastiat.

Government, 1849 - Treatise on the purposes of governments by Frederick Bastiat.