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Open forums for sharing (and developing) informed opinions.

Submissions that present an informed opinion will be selected before any others. You should be familiar with the writings and philosophies of America's Founders, available in the many documents found on LEXREX. A good place to start your research is The American Ideal: 12 Basic American Principles.

To understand why we emphasize presenting an informed opinion, and to get a better idea of what we're looking for, read Thomas Sowell's statement on Classifying Ideas, as well as his article in response to a Childish Letter.

When making a comment or presenting an essay, please identify the author(s) and writing(s) you rely on when applicable, and if the document may be found on LEXREX or on the web.

Online Catechism - We encourage our visitors to offer new questions to add to those in the Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the United States (1828/1993). Answers are encouraged as well! Come see what others are asking, and submit your Constitutional question. Please emphasize substance in your question, as we don't consider our Constitution trivial :)

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What the Principles of Liberty Mean to You - This forum solicits small essays (one paragraph to two pages) from our visitors, explaining in their own words a statement or concept from one of the original writings which appears on our website, such as Bastiat's The Law or Government. If you are a new visitor to our site, reading these essays is a great way to introduce you to the many original writings available on LEXREX.



All submissions to LEXREX will be considered the property of LEXREX and the submitter. They might even be published online!