Titanic ObamaCare Sinking, Sinking

by William Huff

... whilst Barack rearranges the deck chairs.

Go ahead Barack! Keep pushing. Keep running around endorsing Democratic Candidates so we can tell which ones need to be removed next. After Virginia, New Jersey, and, of all places, Massachusetts, I'd say you're on a roll. Show us a little more "Hope and Change" void of lawful authority or Constitutional substance. Stir the sleeping giant. The way things look now, Dems who have dubious seats should consider begging Barack to endorse their Republican opponents. The formerly coveted Barack endorsement could be the new Kiss of Death.

Even rats know when to leave a sinking ship!

If vanity sank the Titanic, perhaps Hubris will sink the Obama administration and hopefully Suck the Evil Empire into the same Vortex.

Obama still has choices to make. He could try a little less Hubris and a little more Rule of Law.

Jefferson offers some insight into why Obama will probably continue to be wrong-headed about almost everything: "...political adventurers, who have lost the chance of swindling and plunder in the waste of public money, will never cease to bawl on the breaking up of their sanctuary." --Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger, 1801. ME 10:259 Without OPM [other people's money] what's a socialist to do to earn his keep?

The Republicans should not be resting on their life preservers either since Obama may be sinking for many of the same reasons Dubya had fallen so far in the eyes of the People - the American People are waking up to the fact that they are being bamboozled by a two-headed socialist party with NEOCONS in the foreign policy driver's seat on both sides of the virtual aisle. Liberty is Still the answer. Deep-six the Warfare State and the Welfare State.

The word on the street is that Barack is trying to Scuttle the Constitutional Republic ASAP. It is said that a communist is a socialist in a hurry. So our response should be to slow down and go back to the written law with equality before the law. If we have our hands in each other's pockets, let's remove them. If we do not have enough time to compare provisions of any legislation with the Constitution it is obvious we are moving too fast. We have been warned about this by many patriots who were too wise and learned for us to ignore. If we continue to ignore them we will be accountable. In the short term we can read everything written by Ron Paul. In the long term we should soak up a complete and consistent understanding of all of the first principles of our Republic.

From now on when we think National Socialist Fascist Communist Healthcare I would like us to visualize the Titanic, now resting in 60 feet of mud at the bottom of the Atlantic. As an exercise click on this link to watch the Titanic sink in a neat computer simulation. In your mind you can imagine "ObamaCare" written across the side of the hull as it plunges to its watery grave. Repeat as necessary.

In the Navy we were taught the importance of "watertight integrity." Modern ships have many compartments and they can be secured with watertight doors. If you get a hole in one compartment you shut it down as quickly as possible - isolating the damage preventing the sea water from pouring into other compartments. The Titanic had some very large forward compartments that could not be isolated in this way. Once the percentage of compartments flooded reached a certain point the fate of the vessel was sealed. 

Obama was talking plenty about integrity and transparency during his campaign. Where is the transparency now? The Republicans were not allowed to look - and the Democrats were too stupid to know what they were reading - with the exception of their personal pork parts. It's even starting to get embarrassing for constituents to know how little they sold out for. Those who love Liberty need to keep moving from room to room and turning on all the lights. Secret plans do not thrive in a climate of exposure and vigilance.

Now that the Democratic Party Super Majority has been inadvertently sabotaged by Team Obama the Republicans will be romanced and invited to participate in a truly bipartisan effort to nationalize the rest of the economy. This has already begun.

The Titanic was Not "Too Big to Fail."

But I think this government is too big to be honest; too big to be lawful; too corrupt to be useful, too dangerous to be trusted. It's leaking in many obscure ways - all becoming more and more obvious as we reach the tipping point.

It is the Ship of State that needs to be scuttled. By that I would mean every aspect of so-called government that extends beyond the lawful protection of life and property.

The ship of state is a famous and oft-cited metaphor put forth by Plato in book VI of ‘’Plato's Republic’’. It likens the governance of a city-state to the command of a naval vessel - and ultimately argues that the only men fit to be captain of this ship are philosopher kings, benevolent men with absolute power who have access to the Form of the Good. - Wikipedia

"A noiseless course, not meddling with the affairs of others, unattractive of notice, is a mark that society is going on in happiness. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy." --Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, 1802. ME 10:342

Sail, sail thy best, Ship of Hypocrisy!