What to do with Bin Laden

 from Dan (a frequent visitor and supporter of lexrex.com)

If America would have spent just half of the time, energy, and conversation about 'What to do with Bin Laden' on what has been happening for the past two centuries in our own country, under our own noses, we may not, no we would not be in this mess. And then there's the more recent history of our meddling in the Middle East. Even when we're not there personally killing civilians and some military personnel, we send the money (World Trade Center) and ship the arms (Pentagon). Did we expect the enemy (whomever that may be this month) to just give up? It's the big guys (US/UN Tyrants) picking on the little guy (Any nation not in the UN or behaving under their rules), who fights back the only way they know how (Terrorists). We push a little button on a cruise missile (Ooh scary!) and they ride the big bird in the sky all the way to it's target. (And who's the coward?) Don't get me wrong, this is the best place on earth to live, but at what cost? [Life - send your sons and daughters around the world to fight someone else's wars; Liberty - get a number, show your identification, put your thumbprint right over here; Pursuit of Happiness - pay 'Your' taxes, give up your land because there may be an endangered species on it. Who really owns your property? Who really owns you?

Think of George Bush's daddy saying this in that voice of his, "Tyranny Bad, Liberty Good!!"