Does it matter?

Does the definition of a "dollar" have any bearing on any aspect of your life?

Your Property? Your Liberty? The future of your Country?

"One of these things is not like the other things." - a Critical Thinking Primer from Sesame Street

Is the dollar something very tangible - or even absolute as Dr. Edwin Vieira asserts?

Is it more than one thing as the US Mint asserts?

Does the Federal Reserve Private Banking Cartel determine the value and definition of a "dollar?"

Dr. Edwin Vieira claims the dollar is only one precisely defined thing while the US Mint offers various "products" called dollars.

Which one is right? Which one is Constitutional? Which one is misleading? Seditious?

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Click here to see "Economic Federalism" - Dr. Edwin Vieira. Ph.D, J.D.

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The Power to Audit is the Power to Destroy the FED – Bill Huff

I highly recommend one of the definitive works regarding the tragic course our elected representatives have taken with regard to our monetary laws and the Constitution. The judiciary and the exectuve are also without excuse. No responsible scholar or patriot can read this book and come to any other conclusion but that our government is in an unlawful state of rebellion against our fundamental law - the U.S. Constitution.

I have assembled it for sale so that you mave have copy at hand for constant reference.

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Plea4Constitution  Enter Your Plea! Historian George Bancroft set out, "To set the subject [The LAWFUL Monetary Principles of the Constitution] in the clearest light, it will be proper to trace the history of American bills of credit until they were abolished by Massachusetts and Connecticut; to revive the memory of the great struggle for their suppression by the separate colonies or states to the end of 1786; and to ascertain what decision on paper money was made by the constitutional convention, and accepted, one by one, by every state. It will then be the time to examine the new interpretation of the constitution by the present [late 1880s] court; and ask after the defenses of the people against the revolution with which they are threatened." Doubtless, Mr. Bancroft would drive a stake into the heart of the Federal Reserve System if he were alive today! Without the boldface lies of the Supreme Court we would not be under such Monetary Tyranny! This chronology of the complete destruction of our monetary system is indispensable.