Money - A discussion of inflation and deflation, from a "new" perspective: using real money. Published December 19, 1791 and December 22, 1791.

Consolidation - Should we have separate States or one union? Perhaps both in spirit. Published Monday, December 5, 1791

Upon Building Castles in the Air - If only some ambitious men were content to leave their exploits to imagination. Published Monday, January 16, 1792.

Rules for Changing a Republic into a Monarchy - Written by Philip Freneau in opposition to Alexander Hamilton's push for a national bank and other unconstitutional acts.

Constitution - Written by James Madison, published on January 19, 1792. Compares the origins of the American Constitution with the Monarchies of Europe, and encourages the public to understand the Constitution and hold the government employees to its limitations.

Who are the Best Keepers of the People's Liberties? - Written by James Madison, published December 20, 1792. Documents a discussion between a Republican and an Anti-Republican.

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